Jimmy Williams  CB/S  Virginia Tech


Jimmy is a remarkable athlete. He has excellent speed and size for a DB and can play any of the defensive backfield positions.  He has excellent size to handle the big possession WRís and the impact TEís at the next level.  Jimmy has long legs, long arms and shows good quickness for his size. He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and has very good strength.  Jimmy has the potential to be an impact defensive player at the next level.


Needs to Improve

He needs to settle on one position and learn it.  At the college level, his athletic talent has bailed him out of a lot of mistakes.  At the next level, this wonít work.  He will need to take time to develop and the team that drafts him will need to be patient -- especially until he learns zone coverageís.


Talent Board Round   1

This kid reminds me of when Brian Urlacher came out.  No one was sure what position he would be best at in the NFL.  Brian was drafted in 2000 and because of a change of position and injuries, he is really just this year starting to peak.  When a team picks Jimmy, he will need a good three to four years before heíll show his ability to impact on an every down basis.  In the meantime, he can help you out and make an impact covering in one-on-one situations the closer you are to the goal line. He should get a lot of interceptions on those fade passes to big WRís; however, at first, if you play a lot of zone, he will make a lot of mistakes which could hurt your team as he learns.  He is a smart kid, donít get me wrong. Iím talking about football instincts.  Because heís moved around so much, he hasnít been able to develop those for just one position.  Jimmy Williams is way too talented to drop any lower than a top ten pick in this draft, but I have seen stranger things happen.  Draft him, but be patient and you will have an impact Pro Bowl player in about three years.
by Drew Boylhart


November 2005