Joe Klopfenstein   TE   Colorado


Joe has good size and adequate speed for his position.  He catches the ball with his hands and is an important piece in the Colorado offense.  He does a decent job blocking at the college level and runs good routes.  He is strong enough not to get knocked off his routes and does a satisfactory job of running after the catch.


Needs to Improve

Joe doesn't have quick feet and this will affect him at the next level in his blocking.  He does not really like to block.  He likes to catch the ball, but doesn't strike me as the type of kid that's ready and willing to do the dirty work.  Because of his lack of foot quickness and balance, he will be susceptible to a lot of groin pulls and it will be difficult for him to stay healthy.  Also, he doesn't secure the ball after he catches it.  This is bad news for a TE.


Talent Board Round   2

As far as I can tell, someone has been filling this kid's head with a lot of pipe dreams.  He could be a good TE at the next level if he decides to work on his foot speed, strength and blocking techniques. He could be a good TE at the next level if he realizes that he's going to have to pay more attention to the grunt work that's involved in the TE position.  Now when I talk about foot speed, I am not talking about the 40-yd dash.  I am talking about how quickly he picks his feet up and puts them back down.  Iím talking about his lateral movement and the quickness out of his three-point stance. I donít care about his forty yard speed because from what I see, that's not very fast.  I think that someone has been telling this kid that he's a pass catching TE because he has good hands.  But for the next level, with those hands, he should be good in the red zone -- but thatís about it.  He catches the ball as long as it's not above his head or below his waist, but that's not good enough at the next level.  The biggest problem is that when he's hit in stride, he goes for the extra yards, but doesn't secure the ball.  If he changes his own opinion about the style of game he plays now and works very hard, Joe can be a good TE at the next level.  If not, it will be a short road for him in the NFL and I hope that he studied and has good marks in college.

by Drew Boylhart


December 2005