Joe Toledo   OT   Washington



Joe is a very athletic player with excellent size and measurable quickness.  He shows decent lateral movement for the position and good mental toughness.  He is smart and has good overall strength.  Joe, at this point, is a good developmental project for the O-line.  He has also played the TE position; he shows good hands and the ability to go out and block the LB in space.  Joe is a player who has made me change my mind about his potential.


Needs to Improve

Joe has had some medical concerns over his career.  He just started to play OT and although he did a solid job, he didn't dominate.  There are still a lot of questions about Joe.  At this point, he might be a better athlete than he is a football player, but then again, maybe not. 


Talent Board Round   4

There is no doubt about Joes athleticism.  That has been documented at this point.  There are questions about his ability to be injury-free.  One of the members asked me what I thought about Joe very early in the process of evaluating players and my response at that time was that I was not impressed with him.  Then the combine came and Joe showed everyone some excellent measurables.  Then I found out that Joe had a high ankle sprain for the first few games of the season.  With that information, I went back to the tapes to take another look.  When I looked again, I saw the same things I saw before.  A player who struggled laterally, was off balance and looked sluggish in general! My guess now is that he was still struggling with his high ankle sprain and that would make a world of difference in evaluating a player.  Im not going to say to you that all of a sudden, he must be a good player just because he might have still been injured.  I am going to say that he didn't show the athleticism this year that he's shown in the past.  That alone leads me to believe that Joe was injured and tried to play through it, which I always consider a positive in evaluating players for a draft.  Add this to his overall athleticism and I think that Joe would make a good developmental OT.  I would pick him sometime on the second day of the draft.  In fact, if I got a good feeling about the kid in interviews, etc, I might just take him in the third round.  A high ankle sprain is very difficult to play through and the fact that Joe tried to do that tells me a lot about Joes mental toughness and character.  You see - the combine can make a difference!

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006