Johnny Jolly   DT   Texas A&M



Johnny is a pure run-stuffing DT.  He loves to take on double teams and do the dirty work.  He is strong, plays with good leverage and has a very quick burst off the line.  Johnny gets into his opponent very quickly; this allows him to hold the line and work up and down the line to disrupt the running game so others can make the tackles.  He can get pressure in the passing game by shooting the gap and bull rushing.  Johnny is going to be a valuable lineman in the NFL that will never get enough credit for what he does. 


Needs to Improve

He doesnít have very good stamina, so he will have to be used in a rotating system.  Most teams rotate D-lineman anyway, so this should not be a big problem.  He does not have very many pass rushing moves, but thatís not what the kid is all about.  He is a run-stuffer.  He knows it and he likes to do it. 


Talent Board Round   3

Johnny will be a very good player for the team that drafts him and you should be able to pick him up on the second day of the draft.  He is a one-dimensional DT that every single team in the NFL needs.  Johnny is the type of player you need on your team to play in the most important situation that any team needs to be a good defensively:  he stops the run.  You canít have a good defense if you canít stop the run.  Thatís a fact.  Johnny is like a bull on the D-line; he is so quick and aggressive that sometimes he forgets to finish and tackle the player.  But, in time, all of this will come around and he should be one of the better run-stuffers in the league.  He will help the team that drafts him right away.  It is really fun to watch him play -- to see him get off the ball and control the line.  This kid's game translates very well to the next level because he doesnít care who receives the credit.  He just wants to be on the field and play.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006