Jon Alston   LB   Stanford
Jon has good size, strength and speed for his position.  He shows a quick burst to the ball and has strong coverage skills.  He takes good angles and comes up really fast on sweeps to make tackles behind the line.  He is a good tackler and does a great job when being used as a blitzing LB.  Jon is a bit of a sleeper in this draft, but not enough of a sleeper not to be picked on the first day of the draft. 
Needs to Improve
Jon has played a number of different positions and this has stunted his growth as a LB.  Itís just a matter of repetitions at just one position and this kid should become an excellent player at the next level. 
Talent Board Round   3
If Jon had played just one position for his college team for more than one year, I believe he would have been considered a first round pick.  He lacks the true instincts and techniques at this point and will have some learning to do; however, as soon as he gets up to speed mentally, you're going to see a hell of a LB for the team that drafts him.  I believe the best position for Jon will be as a WLB.  His strong blitzing abilities, along with his ability to change directions and help out in the passing downs, will help him to impact if he is used as a WLB.  Jon could play any one of the LB positions and he reminds me a lot of Vilma when he came out, but he's still a tadpole compared to Vilma as far as instincts and overall techniques.  Give him two years and I suspect that Jon will be right up there with the best of the LBís in the NFL.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006