Jonathan Joseph   CB   South Carolina


Jonathan has very good size, speed and quickness.  He shows good one-on-one cover ability.  He has a really smooth hip-flip and does a good job jamming the WR at the line of scrimmage.  Jonathan shows the quick twitch talent that all the scouts are looking for when they scout CBís for the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Jonathan has not played that much on the college level.  I have very little tape on the kid because he is coming off an injury.  Add to this the fact that he's a junior and you have a recipe for disaster.  A talented kid that is not ready for the next level and doesnít realize that just his athletic talent is not going to carry him any more.


Talent Board Round   2

Jonathan has the athletic talent; the big question for me is does he have the mental toughness and brains for the next level?  He shows no ability to handle zone coverage or zone coverage schemes and Iím not sure of his tackling abilities either.  Itís just this simple.  He is coming out too early and hasnít had good enough coaching in college to come close to handling the next level.  He looks like he's a good kid and if he gets drafted around the 3rd or 4th round, he could make it in about 3 or 4 years.  But right now, a lot of teams have him rated as a first rounder, which is a big mistake.  The pressure of being a first round pick will bury this kid.  It will force him on the field way too early and when he starts to blow coverages, the fans will eat him alive.  I hate crap like this because another year at the college level would have done a world of good for this kid.  All I can say is -- if this kid is taken in the first round, cover your eyes, say a prayer for him and hope that I am wrong.  Jonathan is an athletically talented player that is about to find out that it takes more than talent to be successful at the next level.

by Drew Boylhart


March 2006