Jonathan Lewis  DT  Virginia Tech


Jonathan is very quick off the snap and has excellent feet to shoot through the gaps and disrupt the blocking schemes of the offensive linemen.  He has good lateral movement and strength to handle stuffing the run on the college level.  He does a good job hand fighting and is quick to get his hands on the O-line man to establish dominance.  He works hard on every play and steps up when the big play is needed.


Needs to Improve

Jonathan, because of his size in his lower body, may have difficulty stopping the run as effectively as he does at the college level.  His lower body needs a lot more development before he will be a good run stuffer at the next level.


Talent Board Round   1

Right now, Jonathan is a better athlete than most of the players he goes up against.  His quickness, in most cases, is too much for the O-linemen to handle.  He gets into the O-linemen so quickly that even in the run game, he has an immediate advantage in leveraging his man off his block.  If a team wants to use him in a 2-gap technique or as a run stuffer, he is going to have to learn different techniques which could take some time and also frustrate Jonathan.  He is a natural disrupter and the team that drafts him should know that upfront and use him in their scheme that way.  He will impact for the team that drafts him the first year if they use him as the penetrating DT.  Jonathan is a good football player and plays with a lot of passion and heart.  Donít take that away from him by drafting him and then forcing him into a system that he will not handle very well.  I have no doubt that in four or five years, Jonathan will be able to handle a 2-gap system because he is a smart player and will want to stay on the field for every down.  However, right now, the team should let him have some success first and then he will want to learn. In a 3/4 he can move to the outside and in a 4/3, he should be your disrupter.  Jonathan, if used correctly, should become an excellent player at the next level.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005