Jonathan Orr   WR   Wisconsin


The size-speed ratio on this kid is outstanding.  Added to his speed is quickness that you rarely see in a kid this big.  He is very quick off the line and his quickness, along with his size and speed, make it very dangerous to bump him at the line.  He seems to run good routes and has no problem going over the middle because he has so much confidence in his ability to elude the big hit.  As far as I can tell, Jonathan looks to me on film to be a diamond in the rough.


Needs to Improve

I have the same concerns with Jonathan that I had with his counterpart, Lee Evans, a few years back.  I have a hard time evaluating how good Jonathanís hands are in and out of traffic and while his feet are moving.  I donít know what to say other than we're all going to have to wait for his workouts to find out for sure.  The QBís at Wisconsin the last few years have made this a difficult process for me personally.


Talent Board Round   2

On film, Jonathan has the look of a big time impact WR the minute he hits the field.  If he shows everyone that he has good hands in his workouts, then you're looking at a top ten pick in this draft. If he shows some drops and inconsistency in catching the ball, then he's still a 1st rounder that has the same potential as Troy Williamson had last year.  I watched Troy and he dropped a lot balls in his workouts.  I felt that because of his drops, Troy would be a 2nd rounder.  I think my profile was right on Troy and he has struggled so far.  Jonathan has a lot more quickness and is just as big and fast as Troy was coming out.  He is more mature in his overall WR skills than Troy was also.  My conclusion from all of this is that Troy was the 7th pick in the first round last year, so without knowing if Orr has better hands than Williamson, you have to feel that all of Jonathan's other talents would put him into that area of the draft also.  My gut tells me this kid has good hands, but I never draft my gut unless I prove that feeling to be correct with facts.  Still, I cannot see Jonathan falling out of the top ten.  I like Jonathan much more than I liked Troy coming out last year.  Even with questions about Jonathanís hands, Iím calling him Jonathan (Boom Boom) Orr because I just think the fans will explode when this kid hits the field and scores TDís from anywhere.  I like this kid a lot.
by Drew Boylhart


December 2005