Joseph Addai   RB   LSU


Joseph is just scratching the surface of his talent.  He shows good running skills and has hands as good as most WRís in this draft.  He has very good speed and shows solid lateral movement ability.  Joseph does a skillful job in blocking a blitzing LB.  He is working hard at running between the tackles, but at this stage of his career, he's more of a perimeter runner that runs with good overall power.  Joe is a tadpole and, because of his size, might be a sleeper franchise RB.       


Needs to Improve

When Joe runs inside, he drops his head just before contact and loses the ability to shake and bake through the hole and make a tackler miss.  Now he does this for one of two reasons:  1) he doesnít like to get hit or, 2) he just has a very bad habit.  This one thing is affecting Joeís ability to run effectively between the tackles. 


Talent Board Round   1

Joseph has the potential to be one of the best all around backs in this draft.  He has better size than most of the other smaller backs with equal talent and Joe picks up and handles a blitzing LB better than most of those backs.  Joseph is a sleeper pick in this draft.  He has been playing for LSU as a change-up back and has done an excellent job, but there are two big questions that someone (and it wonít be me) needs to get answered about Joe.  Is Joe just a change-up back at the next level or could he be a franchise back?  Joe could wind up being one of those players that's better at the next level than he was at the college level.  If he's not afraid to run through the tackles and take a hit, this kid could explode at the next level.  Personally, I think he ducks his head at the point of impact because itís a bad habit and he feels that it will get him more yards.  (I just said the other thing to cover my ass in case he fails at the next level!)  I think this kid in a spread offense will impact big time at the next level and if Iím wrong, so what?!  The worst-case scenario is you drafted yourself a hell of a change-up RB.  So, take a shot at the end of the first round or early part of the second and draft the kid.  I would think that the Rams, Chiefs, Panthers, Bills, Packers or just about any team could use a RB like this in a New York minute.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006