Josh Lay   CB   Pittsburgh



Josh has the athletic talent and quick twitch that you look for in a cover corner.  He has excellent size and speed and plays the corner position with ease and grace.  He is a smart kid and does a good job in man-to-man coverage.  He does even a better job in zone coverage and that shows me how smart he is.  Josh has first round athletic talent and could be as good as any CB in this draft. 


Needs to Improve

Josh canít, wonít or is afraid to tackle.  His consistency on the field leads me to believe he has a very bad work ethic. 


Talent Board Round   7

Josh is another one of those players that is just wasting away his talent.  He should be a top player in this draft, but I donít think he will be drafted until the later rounds because he is a kid that has never worked to get better.   He wonít come up and support the run and when his man makes a catch, even at the college level he has trouble bringing him down.  You know by now that guys like this are not my favorites and his natural talents do not impress me if he doesnít want to tackle.  So, unless Josh all of a sudden grows a backbone, he is not the type of CB for me.  He does have some special team talents, so I guess someone will pick him up - but that is still not enough for me.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006