Jovon Bouknight   WR   Wyoming


Jovon is a very complete WR.  He is one of the smartest WRs in this draft.  He understands situational football and is the type of WR that QBs fall in love with.  He has good size and has very strong hands to make the catch away from his body.  Jovon reminds me a lot of Andre Reed.


Needs to Improve

Jovon doesn't look like he has very good speed on tape.  We will have to see what he does at the combine to be sure.  He has the talent, but as we all know, speed is the king in the draft.  If he lacks the speed I think he does, then he must get a lot stronger to be productive at the next level. 


Talent Board Round   3

Some lucky team is going to draft this kid in the 4th or 5th round and get themselves a possible future Pro Bowl player.  He knows all the tricks of the game, is still learning and wants to get better.  He will never stop learning and whatever athletic limitations he has, he will make up for with heart, effort and brains.  Jovon is not very well known right now, but about halfway through his rookie year, he could be among the well-known rookies of this draft class.  He has Michael Irvin/Larry Fitzgerald type talent.  He is the type of WR that could have a long career because when most WRs are losing a step and slowing down, he will be one of those players that never had a step to lose in the first place.  I call him Jovon (Rawhide) Bouknight because the kid is tough in any weather and he wont wear out.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006