Kai Parham   LB   Virginia


Kai is an excellent run-stopping LB.  He shows very good explosion, quickness to the ball and is a great blitzing LB.  He is very strong, uses good leverage and takes good angles when meeting an O-lineman in the hole and shedding the block.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and you all know by now how I love players that know how to tackle correctly.  Kai shows leadership qualities through his play on the field.  In fact, he strikes me as the type of kid that you're never sure what he's thinking about unless he wants you to know. 


Needs to Improve

Kai is not going to be the type of LB that is able to play a TE man-to-man, but he should be fine in zone coverage.  You know what I say about that:  coach better!


Talent Board Round   5

I was waiting for his measurables at the combine to be sure of Kais athletic abilities.  He does play with some stiffness in his hips.  Most of the time, that means a player is not going to be able to play as a SLB or WLB because you like them to be able to flip their hips and run for about 20 yds with a TE.  So what?!  Kai is an excellent LB right now and in a zone coverage scheme with a little experience, he will be one of the better MLBs in the NFL in a couple of years.  He reminds me a lot of Sam Cowart when he first came out of college.  Kai has that same explosion and quickness in his game.  Kai is not as fast as Sam, but he is just as explosive.  Kais strength is his ability to keep the O-linemen away from his body by using his hands.  His burst and recognition skills in the run game are excellent right now and his techniques as a blitzing LB are right up there with the best of them.  Kai is so effective in doing his job that he gets overlooked.  Add to that a forty time that was not very impressive and you have a player with first day talent that drops to the second day and that my friends, is how you get a sleeper.  Remember my definition of a sleeper is not a player from a small school that stands out above the other players like a sore thumb!  A sleeper is a player in a big college whose talent is right in front of your eyes every day, but you do not see him!  I love big college sleepers and will take them any day over a small college sleeper.  LTI baby...its all about LTI!
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006