Kamerion Wimbley   DE   Florida St


Kamerion has solid pass-rushing skills and has good speed to go along with those skills.  He gives great effort on every play and looks to be a good teammate.  He has exceptional strength for the college level and quick change of direction ability, which should help him a lot at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Kamerion is coming off a knee injury that I, personally, do not feel he's recovered from mentally.  He doesnít continue his moves if his initial move gets stoned.  He does not carry enough bulk and he is not strong at the point of attack.  He doesn't use his hands very well.  However, the biggest problem I see is that he's still worried about his knee.  He will not make that tight cut around the corner, dip his shoulder and go under the block to get to the QB. 


Talent Board Round   2

In my opinion, Kamerion is a tweener DE/OLB, but Iím not convinced he has the agility to be an OLB.  Kamerion is definitely concerned about hurting his knee again or his knee is not quite right yet.  If he gets clear sailing to a QB, he looks fine.  However, if an O-lineman gets his hands on this kid, he shuts down and doesnít finish the job.  Kamerion has to add a lot more bulk to his frame without affecting his speed and quickness.  If you use him at OLB, he's still not stout at the point of attack.  That means he comes into the league as a situational pass rusher who is concerned about getting injured.  Thatís not enough for me to rate him as a first round pick!  He does have talent and he looks to be a good kid overall with a strong work ethic.  That shows me a lot.  He has enough talent to work with, along with good size and speed.  If you can get him over the mental injury issue and bulk him up, then you just might have yourself a pretty good player.  Kamerion is a long range developmental DE, but I think he's an excellent one to take the time to develop.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006