Keith Ellison LB Oregon St



Keith is one of those players that gets better every time you see him.  He has good size, speed and overall athleticism to be a hell of an OLB at the next level.  He steps up his play when he's challenged.  He does a good job defending against the pass and is excellent blitzing the QB.  With a little time, this kid should be one of the better LBs to come out of this draft. 


Needs to Improve

Keith just needs some more repetitions at the OLB position.  He needs some technique work in defending the run.  Right now, he thinks he is supposed to make all the tackles on running plays right at him.  Keith needs more confidence in his game in general.  When he gets it, he be a hell of a OLB. 


Talent Board Round   4

Keith reminds me a little bit of Donnie Edwards (OLB - San Diego Chargers).  The Kansas City Chiefs picked Donnie in the fourth round back in 1996.  I think that Keith has the same overall talents and is the same type of OLB as Donnie.  Keith has played different positions; but this year, got to stay at one position and improved as the year went on.  I know that all Keith needs is to stay at one position and get the repetitions to gain the confidence in his game.  When he does that, he should become an impact player at the next level.

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006