Kellen Clemens   QB   Oregon


Kellen has good size and moves well in and out of the pocket.  He is a smart QB that manages the game plan very well.  He shows good leadership qualities and can throw on the run.  Kellen has worked this year from a spread offense and this type of offense seems to fit his athletic talent better than your more conventional offense used by most pro teams.  Kellen has some good developmental QB potential for the next level.  


Needs to Improve

Unless someone can make his arm stronger, Kellen will be a good backup QB at the next level.  He can win you a couple of games, but the longer he's on the field, the easier it will be to defend him and force him into a vertical throw that he's not able to make with authority. 


Talent Board Round   5

Kellenís potential right now is as a backup QB.  He is smart and can manage a game plan, but in a conventional pro offense he does not handle pressure very well, which causes him to make bad decisions and to lose his accuracy.  When Kellen is in the pocket, he gets rattled and when he throws the ball he speeds up his delivery, which causes his throws to lose velocity and accuracy.  To give you the short story -Ė he panics!  That doesn't mean that he's not a tough kid, because he is.  He just wants to make a play so bad that he gets hyper and panics.  This is the type of kid that could be a very good backup QB in a West Coast offense.  That offense will keep his mind busy with his own responsibilities and make him throw on rhythm.  That offense will allow him to roll out and throw before he feels pressure.  After some years in a WCO, Kellen may be able to challenge for a starting position and could turn into a QB similar to Matt Hasselback (QB - Seattle Seahawks).   The teams that have the WCO right now are going to rate Kellen high and those that donít will rate him very low.  For me personally, his LTI is way too high in either case.  I would let someone else draft him and train him; then, if he's doing well, I would pick him up in free agency.  Kellen is at least six years away from being a productive QB at the next level and with his lack of arm strength, his production after that time may still not be enough.  Matt Hasselback was drafted in 1998 by the Packers.  He made it to the playoffs in 2004.  If you force him into a vertical throw today, he still makes the big mistakes.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006