Kevin Simon   LB   Tennessee



Kevin is a tough, fast, quick LB that is a good tackler.  He is an attacking LB that uses good angles and instincts to make tackles behind the line of scrimmage.  He shows excellent pass coverage skills and looks to me like he could play more than one LB position.  Kevin is a playmaker and loves the physical part of football. 


Needs to Improve

There is not a doctor, nurse, physical therapist or surgeon in the state of Tennessee that hasnít met Kevin personally.  If he ran for political office, he would get the healthcare vote in a snap!  Kevin doesnít have to do an internship be a doctor -- he has completed his on the job training already.  Kevin has been hurt so many times that the cost of medical insurance for the team that drafts him will affect his draft status!  Kevin is so Öoh never mind, you get my drift! 


Talent Board Round   3

Kevin has the "Macho Macho Man" song playing in his head the entire time he is on the field. He has to learn to play smarter to stay on the field.  He is a playmaker, but Iím not sure that he understands that he has to stay on the field to make the plays.  Kevin should play the WLB position in a 4-3 defense.  He has to play with some big bubble-butt boys in front of him because he is undersized and has a hard time shedding big O-linemen to make the tackle.  He is a "run free to the play" LB and a very good one.  He has good pass rushing skills and he can change direction as well as any LB in this draft.  Make no mistake about it -- Kevin has first day talent; however, because he has been injured so much and the fact he cannot get it through his stubborn head that he has to play smarter to help eliminate the injuries, drops him to the second day of this draft.  There are too many good undersized LB's in this draft to take Kevin any earlier.  If he continues to be a macho man and does not play smarter, then he will have a short career at the next level.  But if he starts to listen to the coaches and change his style of play just enough to stay on the field, he could be a Pro Bowl LB.  You talk about a boom or bust player?!  Macho Macho man Ė I want to be a Macho man.  Kevin (Macho Man) Simon, what will you be?

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006