Ko Simpson   S/CB   South Carolina


Ko is a tall, long-legged safety that has some excellent cover skills.  He shows a good burst to the ball and is a lot faster than you think because of his smooth stride.  He is very athletic, shows a good set of hands as well as instincts to be a playmaker for the defensive side of the ball.  Ko is a solid tackler and there is no doubt he shows the potential to be an impact player for the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Ko is very raw right now mentally for playing safety at the next level.  After you draft him, you will go through some big time growing pains, but when they're over, you should have a hell of a player. 


Talent Board Round   2

Ko is an impact player waiting to happen, but he's just a tadpole as far as what it takes to impact in the mental aspects of the game.  When he understands that he's mentally going up against a QB and a Offensive Coordinator and is able to see things with the whole game in mind, then all he has to do is match that with his athletic talent and boom -- you got an impact football player.  Sounds simple, right?  Yeah - well, itís not!  Here is the good thing about drafting Ko.  Until he learns all of that stuff, you can use him in the red zone area man-to-man on those big WRís and TEís that are driving everyone nuts.  He has that kind of coverage abilities.  Now the big question is, where do you rate this kid?  I believe the most important test that Ko will take at the combine is the wonderlic test.  That test will be the answer for me on how long it will take Ko to learn what he needs to learn for the next level.  All of the other tests I already know he's going to be very good at.  His 40 time doesnít really interest me because I know he has an excellent burst.  So for me, itís the wonderlic test.  If he scores average or higher, then he is a first rounder.  Anything less and he falls to the 2nd or even 3rd if he chooses not to finish it.  But thatís just crazy me thinking that intelligence, character and the ability to handle mental pressure means as much as athletic talent to become an impact player at the next level.  How silly of me!  Crazy, berserk, nuts! 

by Drew Boylhart


February 2006