Kyle Williams   DT   LSU


Kyle shows good burst and quickness off the line.  He has good strength, is a smart player and looks to be an excellent team player.  He is a 1-gap DT with some 2-gap potential.  He has good balance and is a player that gives his all on every down.  He shows leadership qualities through his play on the field.  Kyle uses his hands very well and shows some good pass rushing moves to go along with strong tackling techniques.  He will be a solid player for the team that drafts him. 


Needs to Improve

Kyle has limited upside to his game.  But that should not stop you from drafting him because he's not limited in the effort he gives on the field with his heart and character. 


Talent Board Round   3

Kyle is not going to be the best DT on the team.  He is not going to go to the Pro Bowl.  He is not going to be signing any big contracts in free agency, but he'll receive a big fat check for being on the team that makes it to the Super Bowl more than one time in his career.  Kyle is the type of DT that every team needs to be successful.  He is your worker bee.  Like that fullback that every team has to have; but for some unknown reason, when he goes out to free agency, the team that has him doesn’t re-sign him.  Kyle is going to be a good solid rotation tackle that could play a little DE in a 3-4 defense.  If you want him to stop the run, he'll do it, but there is no doubt he will impact more in a 4-3 1-gap system or as a DE in 3-4 defense.  He most likely will not be a Pro Bowl player, but he will be a good football player.  Isn’t that what the draft is all about -– finding good football players?
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006