Lawrence Vickers   RB   Colorado



Lawrence is the type of back that does a little bit of everything.  He tries to block, he tries to run the ball, he does a good job on swing passes and screens and he tries to be a red zone running back that will get you TDís.  He does a solid job trying to do all of these things for his college team and if you give him a big enough hole, he is a good red zone running back. 


Needs to Improve

Lawrence does not block very well and doesn't have the vision or speed to be a successful RB at the next level.  He has been on the field, but hasn't shown any growth in his personal talents from one year to the next. 


Talent Board Round   6

What Lawrence does well is what he likes to do well.  He likes to run three yards for a touchdown and hr likes to catch the ball out of the backfield.  He does not block very well and he is a straight-line runner that prides himself on being strong enough to carry tacklers for a few yards.  He is in for a big shock at the next level and unless he starts to become proficient in the areas in which he has decided to stay weak, I do not see him being of much value at the next level.  I have a rule in the draft.  Donít draft players who you think will be good to excellent back up players.  Go get those guys in free agency.  The draft is for players who NFL teams think can start at some point.  Lawrence is a player that has decent talent.  He has made a choice not to develop that talent by accepting a backup role and then not developing all of his talents and improving every year.  He never improved his blocking and he never studied his own style of running to see if he could improve on that style.  He lacks vision and cutting ability and he just doesnít play very smart.  He never bothered to learn to set up his blockers or techniques in turning the corner without speed.  He had enough talent to become a starting back for his team, but he never made that decision hard for the coaches to make.  Lawrence has good overall football abilities, but he has not improved them from year to year -- at least not on the field!
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006