Le Kevin Smith   DT   Nebraska


Le Kevin is an excellent 1-gap, 2-gap DT.  He can stuff the run, push the pocket and will throw a few pass rush moves on you every once in a while just to keep the O-line guessing.  He has good enough strength when he moves laterally to control the line of scrimmage and shows good quickness and burst off the line to be an effective pass rusher when needed.  Le Kevin gets better and better every time I see him play.  He understands situational football and I just think that he is scratching the surface of his talent and has very good upside to his game. 


Needs to Improve

Le Kevin is never going to be a "chase you down from behind and tackle" type of DT.  He can handle between the hash marks, but if you're looking for more than that out of a DT, then Le Kevin is not your man.  He is not the best at changing direction, but as far as Iím concerned, he has too much potential to let any of this be a big concern if you need a DT.  Stamina is a concern, but most teams are rotating DTís anyway.   


Talent Board Round   3

Le Kevin might be drafted the first day, but most likely, look for him to be picked on the second day of this draft.  He is improving, has the right attitude and as soon as he gets stronger and learns better techniques, he is going to be a fan favorite and a core player and you just might see him in the Pro Bowl some day.  He has just enough of a burst to give him three or four sacks a year.  Thatís all you need now to make the Pro Bowl.  A few sacks from the DT position and everyone will go nuts.  But Le Kevin will be a much better all around DT than that, believe me.  Give the kid a couple of years and he will turn in to one of the better DTís in the league.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006