LenDale White   RB   USC


LenDale has excellent balance, very quick feet and is a strong, powerful runner.  He has just enough wiggle at the line to make you miss and has good speed.  LenDale is the type of runner that always falls forward after the tackle and will break tackles if you are just a little shy about taking him on.  He has decent hands to catch the swing pass and gives good effort when he blocks.  He was born to play in the NFL and he will. 


Needs to Improve

He has to watch his weight and he has to mature on and off the field.  These issues are not enough to stop you from drafting him. 


Talent Board Round   1

LenDale reminds me a lot of Jerome Bettis.  He has the same quick feet, balance, burst and strength.  He can run outside of the tackles, but is more effective running with his shoulders square and up the middle.  He will break tackles and get you the tough yards; if you don't tackle him at the line, he'll make you pay.  He has enough speed to gain large chunks of yards and should be able to handle 20 to 30 carries a game and become your franchise back.  LenDale will be picked very high in this draft because there are no other RBís with his size, speed and talent.  I expect LenDale to be picked in the top ten and maybe even in the top five of this draft.  Jerome Bettis was the tenth pick of the draft in 1993 and I expect LenDale to go no later than that.  What I like most about LenDale was how he handled being "the other back" this year.  He started out not keeping in good shape and with a "Who cares?" attitude.  Then, he started to get into the games and have some success.  When this happened, running became fun to LenDale; he got more chances and made it hard for the coaches not to get him on the field.  I think he has learned a lot this year.  I think he has learned about never giving up and about staying in shape.   I call him LenDale (Big) White - just like the company that makes those tractor trailers.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006