Marcedes Lewis   TE/WR   UCLA


Marcedes loves to catch the ball and does it very well.  He catches with his hands and does a good job of getting yardage after the catch.  He is a technically sound blocker, but not a strong in-line blocker.  However, he gives good effort and somehow comes through.  Believe me, Maurice Drew is a very happy camper because of Marcedes' blocking skills.  He is a tough kid and has good speed and quickness.  Marcedes runs very good routes and is a QBís dream come true.


Needs to Improve

He cannot allow LBís and safeties to move him off his routes.  He needs to add a little more strength and learn better techniques to get off the line of scrimmage and into his routes faster.  I know he will do all of this.


Talent Board Round   1

Marcedes is a weapon because he is smart and you can do so much with him.  In the red zone, you can put him at WR and in the middle of the field, work him out of the slot or TE.  When you look at him, you think right away that he doesn't have enough bulk to be a good blocker; but, believe me, he is an excellent blocker and will help make your running game go.  Maurice Stovall (WR-Notre Dame) and Marcedes are very much alike in size and abilities.  Marcedes is a much better blocker and is a little more sure-handed at this point; however, both can be match up nightmares inside the red zone because of their size, bulk, mental toughness and team play.  Marcedes shows some leadership qualities, but doesn't seem to be a vocal leader -- he does it more through his play on the field. Marcedes should be an excellent player at the next level and a nightmare to defend against.  Thatís why I call him Marcedes (Nightmare) Lewis.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006