Marcus Maxey   S/CB   Miami



Marcus is a lanky CB with good overall techniques to play the position.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler that is an excellent special teams player.  Marcus shows good ball awareness when the ball is in the air and is a very smart player.  He knows his assignment responsibilities in zone coverage and does not make many mistakes.  Marcus can play more than one position in the secondary because he's smart and a good tackler.  He will be a very good player at the next level for the team that drafts him. 


Needs to Improve

IMO - Marcus should be moved to the Free Safety position at the next level.  He is not quick enough to be an every down corner, but he's smart enough to be a zone cover corner. 


Talent Board Round   3

This kid is going to help the team that drafts him right away.  He can play special teams, cover the big WRs & TEs in the red zone and be an eventual starting safety.  He is very smart and has solid overall athletic talent.  You see what happens when you learn how to tackle?  A world of different opportunities open up to you!  If you dont have the needed athletic talent to play one position at the next level, you can be moved to another position and be very successful.  Because Marcus learned how to tackle and is very smart, he becomes a player that is more valuable in this draft than a lot of players who come from the same program with more pure athletic talent, but do not have the brains to know how to use those talents for the next level.  Learning to play the game with good, sound fundamentals will improve your athletic talent and worth to a team more than just having pure athletic talent and a lack of fundamentals.  There are lots of CBs that come out every year and run 4.30 or 4.45s - but they do not know how to tackle.  If you dont tackle very well in college, then in most cases, you will not tackle well in the pros.  There are always exceptions to a rule, but just because there are a few exceptions, it does not mean that the rule is not a good one to go by.  Look for the fundamentally sound player with good overall athleticism and intelligence in a draft and you will have a successful team.  Max is just that type of player.  He is another sleeper from a big program.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006