Marcus McNeill OT Auburn


Marcus has been one of the better LTís in college.  In the past, he's been dominating in blocking for both the run and the pass.  He is an excellent pulling tackle and he reminds me of a big train coming into the station for a stop once he gets going.  He has long arms, long legs and is extremely athletic. He plays his position with ease, has a touch of nastiness to him and he reminds me of Walter Jones of the Seahawks.  Marcus has played in some big games and has always shown up and been an impact player in those games.


Needs to Improve

First of all, this year Marcus looks like he's with child!  I mean, really!  He looks like Doctor Evil carrying around Mini Me!  The announcers have mentioned that he has some back problems and some ankle problems, but all I know is on film this year, he's not played with a lot of consistency and has not been as dominant as in previous years.


Talent Board Round   2

Marcus has been a big disappointment this year and I think that all of his problems are because he is carrying too much weight.  If he canít control his weight in college, how will he be able to control it when you give him a million dollars?  Maybe all of this is because he does have an injury and canít work out.  I donít know!  All I know is that this kid has Walter Jones-like talent and unless he shows different in his workouts and at the combine, he's lost himself a lot of money because of his inconsistent play this year.  If he's played with an injury all year long, then I say draft him as soon as you can because even with an injury, he is one of the best pure LTís in this draft.  He is further along in his football maturity, techniques and overall play than the Ferguson kid; however, until I find out otherwise, I would have to list him behind Ferguson and put a yellow flag on him: proceed with caution.  Marcus (Big Train) McNeill -- I hope someone can get him back on track.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006