Marcus Vick   QB   Virginia Tech


Marcus is an extremely talented college QB.  He has a good arm and throws a very accurate ball.  He is very good at throwing from the pocket and has strong pocket awareness.  He moves well out of the pocket and is accurate when he throws on the run.  Marcus shows mental toughness and is a smart kid on the field.  He shows up in the big games and is in control of the game plan at all times.  The kid is a winner and a much better QB than his brother was at this point of his career.


Needs to Improve

Stomping on another playerís leg is just the tip of the iceberg with this kid.  In the past, he's been given more than enough chances to correct his off field behavior.  This kid has issues and as an owner of a team, I would not disregard those issues.


Talent Board Round   7

Letís evaluate this kid with the facts.  He got into trouble.  He got suspended from his team and school.  He returned to his team and school.  He played the whole year and did a very good job on the field.  But recent reports beyond the leg stomping incident prove that he's not changed.  If he had kept his nose clean without any problems this year and made it through his senior year without incident, I would be willing to take a chance on drafting this kid.  Marcus Vick is a kid that doesnít understand how talented he is and is wasting what talent he has.  I donít have the time or the patience to find out why.  He's been given the chance to change and he has not.  As we get closer to the draft, Iím sure the PR machine will be turned on big time.  In fact, look for Atlanta to trade Matt Schaub and use that pick to draft Marcus so that he will be with his brother.  Of course, that would be the worse thing for Marcus because he needs to grow up and not have his brother always looking out for him.  I like this kid's talent, competitive spirit and on the field decision making, but I don't like what I see between the ears off the field.  This is a kid that I would attach a big red flag to his hindquarters because if you draft him, you would just be making a big ass mistake.

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006