Martin Nance   WR   Miami Ohio


Martin is a lanky WR with long strides and deceiving speed.  He has good hands and does a solid job of using his body to shield the defender from the ball.  Martin is also adept at catching the long ball and adjusting to the ball in the air.  He is a smart player and a hard worker.  He was Ben Roethlisberger's favorite receiver during Benís last year in college and shows a very good work ethic in coming back from a knee injury.  Martin should be a good WR at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Martin has to learn how to run better routes and get in and out of his breaks quicker.  Right now, he doesn't understand that his long stride can be a big advantage in disguising what route he's going to run.  As soon as he gets with a good WR coach, he should be able to improve this without a problem.  Martin has to get stronger mentally and physically and he has to stop worrying about getting injured again.  It is affecting his concentration and causing him to be a little inconsistent catching the ball. 


Talent Board Round   5

Martin reminds me a lot of Jimmy Smith (WR - Jacksonville Jaguars).  He has that same stride. His stride is so smooth that it keeps his shoulders at the same level while running a route down the field.  If any of you guys out there are former CBís, you know that a WR that keeps his shoulders at the same level makes it impossible to read what route he's going to run.  You donít know if he is going to cut or go deep.  This is what Maurice Stovall learned this year from Charlie Weiss.  He lost some weight and learned that his deceiving stride and long legs are a positive, not a negative like most scouts and coaches would have you believe.  When Jimmy Smith runs a route, the CB has to give him a cushion all the time because he cannot read what route Jimmy is going to run.  If the CB tries to body up, Jimmy will beat him for the long ball with those long strides and big body.  It took Jimmy five years before he exploded and became the WR that he is today, but because of Jimmy and other big WRís, it should only take three years for Martin to impact.  Martin has an excellent work ethic and very good talent.  If a team that drafts him has a good WR coach, I have no doubt that Martin will be a hell of a WR at the NFL level.

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006