Mathias Kiwanuka   DE  Boston College

Mathias has excellent size, strength and speed for his position.  He has very strong hands to work the O-linemen and uses this strength to keep them away from his body.  He has an excellent burst and although he has long legs, he has very good change of direction abilities.  Mathias is becoming a student of the game.  I have seen him on film, go to the sidelines after a defensive series and write down what just happened in a notebook.  This kid on the field shows maturity and the need to learn beyond his age.

Needs to Improve

Mathias has had a knee problem this year and has not played much.  To me, it doesn’t matter unless it is career ending.  At this point, it is does not appear to be.

Talent Board Round   1
Yes, yes, yes -- he needs to improve areas of his game, but with what I just told you do you really have any doubts that he’ll only get better?  I mean really, do I have to smack you on the back of your head to make you realize this kid is a top five pick (in my opinion) even with a bad wheel?  The point is that this kid has a monster upside to his game and I believe there’s nothing that will stop him from succeeding.  Yes, he will struggle at first in the NFL, but he will never stop learning. While he learns, he will help you on special teams, on pass rushing situations and don’t forget -- he is going to get stronger and bigger in the next few years.  Mathias shows leadership qualities and he will be a good teammate, a Pro Bowl pick, a fan favorite and a core player for the team that picks him.  I call him Special K because it is easier for me to pronounce than his name.  I have a feeling we’ll all be pronouncing his name with ease very shortly. In an important pass-rushing situation, I can hear the home crowd now chanting,  “Ki-wan-u-ka, Ki-wan-u-ka, Ki-wan-u-ka….”

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005