Matt Leinart   QB   USC
Matt has excellent size and strength for his position.  He has a strong enough arm and has very good accuracy when he throws in or out of the pocket.  Matt has excellent mental toughness. He makes good decisions on the field and shows strong leadership quailities. Letís just put it this way: Matt is a franchise QB.
Needs to Improve
You can see that Mattís arm strength right now is not what it was before the operation, but itís getting there.  Matt seems to be a little hesitant to let loose and show the zing that his arm had earlier in his career.  I feel that itís just a matter of time before this happens and by the end of the year, we all should be seeing his real arm strength.  His arm right now is good enough for the next level, so itís a bit of a moot point, but I had to write something!
Talent Board Round   1
Matt is a franchise QB and I would think that if Brady Quinn doesnít come out early, Matt will be the only true franchise QB in the draft.  That is not to say there arenít other QBís in this draft. There are some excellent QBís in this draft, but most of them have significant question marks as to the consistency in their mechanics and other issues.  The only issue that Matt has to deal with after he gets picked is getting used to the speed of the game at the next level.  If your favorite team is in need of a franchise QB in this draft, then my suggestion to them is the same suggestion I had when Eli Manning came out in the draft:  trade your mother and all of her shoes if you have to, but move up and get this kid.
 by Drew Boylhart


November 2005