Maurice Drew   RB   UCLA


Maurice is a technically sound, smart, deceivingly powerful runner.  His small stature is a big positive because of his powerful lower body.  This combination makes it very hard for LBs to see him behind the big O-linemen and once you do see him, it is hard to tackle him because you are not set for the tackle.  Maurice has excellent overall athletic talent.  He shows good hands out of the backfield to catch passes along with excellent change of speed ability.  He is one of few backs in this draft that knows how to run with patience and set up blocks for his linemen.  Maurice could be your main back and carry your offense in the running game because of his unusual strength and bulk for his size. 


Needs to Improve

Maurice is vertically challenged for any position on a football field, but I told you height never bothers me -- only the lack of bulk.  He has the same powerful legs that Barry Sanders had.  He is not as fast or quick, but he is as strong in the lower body.  If Maurice measured in at 5 10, he would be a 1st round pick.  Right now he has 1st round talent, but not 1st round height.  So what?! 


Talent Board Round   2

GMs, coaches, scouts take chances every year drafting talented players with off-field issues. For example, last year, Maurice Clarett was drafted in the 3rd round by the Broncos.  But for some reason, if a player doesnt fit within the standard height requirements of the NFL, they go bonkers and wont draft the kid.  You see it with LBs all the time.  Players like MLB London Fletcher and Zack Thomas are two players that come to mind who fell in the draft because of height -- not bulk, strength, talent or smarts.  All I can say is, "When will those num nuts get it through their heads that height does not affect how successful you will be at the next level?"  Maurice Drew should be taken in the first day of this draft, but it would not surprise me at all if he drops to the second day because of his lack of height.  Maurice is the type of back that will give you 90 to 100 yds a game with 30 to 40 yards receiving.  He will be a very productive back and stay mostly injury-free throughout his career.  Im going to go out on a limb and say that I think Maurice Drew will have a career that is as productive as Curtis Martin (RB New Jersey Jets).  He is small in stature, but big in talent, brains and heart.  By the way -- dont fall for that crap about being too small to pick up a blitzing LB.  They said the same thing about Emmitt Smith and Thurman Thomas -- two of the best at picking up blitzing LBs.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006