Max Jean-Gilles   OG/OT   Georgia


Max is a big, strong, powerful kid.  He has good feet, so he does very well blocking in the pass game. He loves to block in the running game and because of his size, he's dominating.  He shows some leadership skills, plays hard on every down and has good mental toughness.  At the next level, he has the talent to play a few different positions on the O-line.  He could play right or left guard and possibly, right tackle.


Needs to Improve

Max has to lose weight.  When he's in his passing crouch, he looks like Jabba the Hutt.  If he loses weight, he'll be a lot quicker and make a lot more money.  Right now, he might not be quick enough to handle more than one position and if he keeps gaining weight, he'll eat his way out of the league.


Talent Board Round   2

Max has excellent talent to be a Pro Bowl O-lineman at the next level.  I just think that a player that has problems controlling his weight in college will have more problems controlling it when you hand them a trunk full of money.  For me personally, Iím not falling for these overweight, extremely talented O-linemen in the draft any longer.  Let someone else draft them and deal with all the problems.  Although Max is a big kid and will always be a big kid, he has to realize that at the college level, his weight is a positive.  However, at the next level, too much weight becomes a negative.  It robs the player of his quickness out of his stance.  Players will be more prone to shoulder injuries and torn biceps.  If Max gets himself down to the 320-lb range, he'll be a hell of an O-lineman.  If he stays at 340 lbs or more, it will give him nothing but problems.  It's a shame because he's another player that is very mature in his football techniques and could easily start for a team his first year in the league.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006