Michael Robinson  WR/QB/RB  Penn St


Michael is a very talented and extremely smart player.  He has great mental toughness to go along with his athletic talent.  He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better.  As a QB this year, Michael has improved everytime I watch him.  He has a good strong arm, makes good decisions and can throw from the pocket.  He has given this program a lift and made his teammates on both sides of the ball feel like they can win any game theyíre in.  Michael is a franchise player. By the time the draft comes around, I have no doubt that heíll shoot up the boards to the first round.


Needs to Improve

At what position is Michael going to make the most impact at the next level? Drum roll, please.  RB? No.  WR?  No.  QB?  No.  Ah, hell -- just draft the kid.  Youíll figure it out once he gets on the field and you wonít regret it.


Talent Board Round   4

Itís real simple:  this is an athlete that is smart and has impacted at every position heís played.  He plays with a big heart and makes the players around him better.  He shows up, plays his best in big games and makes big plays.  He has the athletic talent to play more than one position at the next level.  What is the problem with evaluating a multi-talented player at the skill positions?  After all, we love players on the O-line that can play more than one position.  And on the defensive side of the ball, itís considered a positive.  But for some reason, with offensive players that play multiple skill positions, we act like a husband being forced to go with his pregnant wife to a Lamaze class.  The husband puts on a happy face, but really doesnít want to go and when he gets to class, he doesnít know what to do.  With offensive players good at several positions, the a coach puts on a happy face, drafts the player because he has to; however, once the player is on the team, he doesnít know what to do with him!  The smart coaches know what to do with a player that is as talented as Michael.  They do the same as a smart husband does in Lamaze class.  Just be there, support them emotionally through the tough times and let their talent and mental toughness shine.  You see, I do have a sensitive side to my profiles!

by Drew Boylhart


December 2005