Mike Kudla   DE/LB   Ohio St


Mike is an animal -- itís just that simple.  He is very strong and fast and has the athleticism to play a few different positions.  When Mike plays, he is always being double-teamed because one O-lineman cannot handle him.  He has a great burst off the line and is relentless in pursuit until he hears the whistle.  He can play LB just as good as he can play DE. 


Needs to Improve

You havenít heard about Mike because he is injury prone and that is directly related to his style of play.  But, he's very talented and if you can keep him on the field, he will impact.


Talent Board Round   3

Mike is a player that's going to go to the combine and wow a lot of people.  He is quick, fast and strong and just plays football with recklessness.  If he can learn control and stay on the field, he'll become a Pro Bowl player.  Iím just not sure at what position that will be.  He is an excellent DE and is a very good LB.  As far as Iím concerned, you can flip a coin.  My fear is that he will continue to get hurt and that will limit both his time on the field and his impact.  I hope the team that drafts him can hold him back a little so the kid will stay healthy.  If they do, he will be a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him.  Mike has 1st round talent and when he goes to the combine, he'll show that talent to everyone.  If Mike is healthy and works out at the combine, look for him to shoot up the charts.  Mike was getting better and better towards the end of the Ohio St season this year and I just think that there is a lot of upside to his game.  Mike (The Animal) Kudla -- big things are yet to come for this kid.  
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006