Montavious Stanley  DT  Louisville


Montavious has good size and strength for his position.  He uses his hands well to shed his man and has good lateral quickness and strength to cover his gap responsibilities.  Montavious has marked quickness off the snap and does have some pass rushing skills. He can be used in any kind of front 3/4 as a DT or 4/3 as a nose guard.


Needs to Improve

Montavious just needs more experience at the next level. He really is an excellent DT at the college level.


Talent Board Round   1

I would take Montavious over Marshmallow Man (Gabe Watson) any day.  When you see a quality DE making a lot of plays in a game, most of the time there is a DT that is controlling the middle of the line.  If not, all anybody has to do to nullify the impact of the quality DE is to run away from him. This happens a lot of times to quality DEís in their senior years.  It is not happening to Montavious, so the first thing I do is look inside and BAM!  There he is right in front of your eyes -- all 6í2í 321lbs for the world to see, a dominating DT.  I donít have a clue where this kid will go in the draft.  I am always amazed that there arenít more of them that are first rounders.  This kid has first round, Pro Bowl talent.  He is as good as any of the first round picks in the last few years, so it will be interesting to see where he will be rated and in what round he is taken.  If your team picks him, youíre going to get a hell of a player.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005