Nate Salley   S   Ohio St



Nate has long legs, long arms and can cover a lot of ground.  He is an adequate tackler, understands his assignments and does a good job carrying out his responsibilities.  Nate has improved from the beginning of the year and that is a good sign for a developmental player at the next level. 


Needs to Improve

Nate is not aggressive enough to impact at the next level.  He is tall, but has not developed his cover skills so that he would be valuable covering those big TEís and WRís in the red zone.  He is not very instinctive and that leads me to believe that he has not been in the film room very much. 


Talent Board Round   4

It is unusual for this program to have a defensive back that just doesnít show the ability for the next level, but Nate just has too many question marks about his game.  He just doesnít seem to have that burning desire that you need to be successful at the next level.  He has solid talent, but not great talent.  He has not developed his one-on-one cover skills and with his height, he could be very valuable in a nickel-dime defense inside the red zone.  There is no doubt about it -- Nate just has not shown the need to be the best.  That is the biggest thing that is lacking from his game.  I just donít think that because an NFL team drafts him that he is all of a sudden going to find that passion and desire.  If he doesnít find it at the college level, what makes anyone think he is going to find it at the Pro level?

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006