Nick Mangold  C/G  Ohio St


Slick Nick is the best center in this draft.  He has excellent strength and balance and can handle a nose guard right in his face one on one.  He has very good feet and lateral movement; he can get to his second level blocks very well.  Nick can easily play guard because he has the athleticism to be used to pull.  He is a leader and is an extension of the coaches on the field.  There is no doubt about this kidís mental stamina or calling plays at the line.  He is the real deal.


Needs to Improve

Nickís biggest weakness is that he is being overlooked.  He is an instant starter in the NFL.


Talent Board Round   1

Draft Nick and forget about having to worry about the center position on your team for the next ten years.  Nick can handle all the blocking assignments that are required of him in both the passing and running game for either the guard or center position.  Nick is the best center in this draft because he can handle by himself a 340 lb DT right in his face all day long and come out the winner.  He has proven it to me.  Everytime he has come up against Marshmallow Man (Gabe Watson DT Michigan), he has beat him like a drum.  I have watched Nick move and control Gabe all around the field like a brother dancing with his sister at her 13th birthday party to make sure the 18 yr old boys donít get a hold of her.  He is an excellent technician and I never see him over-extending to make a block.  Nick has first round talent.  I believe he should be picked before some of the higher rated OTís in this draft, but he probably wonít be.  If Iím drafting in the first round and Iím a playoff team, I definitely look hard at taking an O-lineman like Nick that you can plug into your line right away.  I remember last year when the Patriots took Logan (Instant) Mankins as the 32nd pick and I donít think anyone can complain about that pick.  Well, Slick Nick falls into that same category.  Heís not a shiny, fancy car, but he does have four wheel drive and heíll keep your offense from getting bogged down.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005