Oliver Hoyte   LB   North Carolina St



Oliver is a strong, powerful LB.  He is a heads up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler and one smart player with excellent leadership abilities.  He will meet and shed a guard at the point of attack as easy as a rock star meets and sheds a woman.  Oliver is the type of player that plays hurt because his team needs him.  He is a coach on the field and a player that, because of his overall lack of athleticism, is being overlooked.  Oliver Hoyte is a hell of a football player.


Needs to Improve

Oliver lacks the true athleticism that other LBís in this draft have.  His lateral movement and change of directions skills are not the greatest.  However, his recognition skills and instincts might be enough to make up for his lack of physical abilities. 


Talent Board Round   4

When you see John McCargo 1-gap his way up the field and into the backfield, if you look closely, you will see Oliver behind him.  You will see Oliver taking on the double teams and stuffing them at the line so that the running back can get caught from behind by one of the talented players from that program.  When Mario Williams needed a kick in the pants to play better, the foot that kicked Mario was attached to Oliverís leg.  When Tulloch freelanced, Oliver covered.  Oliver will not test well.  He is not a track player.  He is not the best cover LB.  The only way Oliver gets better than he is as a football player will be because of that muscle between his ears.  You Giant fans remember Harry Carson?  All of you Bills fans remember Darryl Talley and Iím sure all of remember the way Matt Millen played!  All of you have that favorite player who was not very athletic, but was always in the right spot and if he wasnít, made sure someone else was!  Thatís the type of player Oliver will be.  Some smart team on the second day of the draft is going to pick Oliver and most everyone is going to say Oliver who?!  Believe me, when you pick a player in the draft that can be a leader and a coach on the field, you have picked yourself the start of a team.  Itís the start of a team that will challenge for the playoffs every year as long as that guy is playing.  Oliver Hoyte is a football player who makes the most out of the talent that he has and also has the ability to make the most out of the talent of the players around him.  That is worth a lot of money in the real football world.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006