Orien Harris   DT   Miami


Orien has good size for his position.  He looks like he has natural athleticism and does a decent job taking up space so that the LBís can come in and make plays.  At times, he has been dominant and controlling; with his long arms, he could be a player that has the upside you look for when scouting a run stuffing D-lineman.   


Needs to Improve

Orien has to get a lot stronger and learn better techniques if he wants to be more consistent and play at the next level.  He did not improve this year at all.  In fact, if anything, he went backwards in his play.  You have to question his work ethic and heart.  


Talent Board Round   4

Iím struggling with this profile because it seems that most of the big line players in this program are all having the same problem.  They show up when they want to.  They play like they have injuries all season long.  Then they go to the combine and show excellent athletic talent.  Eric Winston and Orien Harris both have the athletic talent to play at the next level, but I just donít think they have the heart.  Winston says itís because of a knee injury that he didnít feel good until halfway through the season except -- he didn't even show anything at all in his last game and as far as the Senior Bowl was concerned, he was pitiful.  Harris just decided that he didnít need to show for the season at all and as far as I could tell during the Senior Bowl, he must have been up in the stands selling hot dogs because down on the field, he was dogging it.  Both of these guys must think that a good showing in the combine is all that is needed to be a 1st round pick.  Maybe they're right!  For me personally, I think both are wasting their talent.  Anyone that believes the garbage that Winston was spilling at the combine about his injury deserves to be taken.  Anyone that drafts this kid in the first day of this draft because of his size and projected talent deserves to be taken also.  I donít know what to say other than both these players have the talent, but not the heart.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006