Owen Daniels   TE   Wisconsin



Owen is a very smart player.  He has good athletic ability and can play more than one position.  He has good hands and does a good job running routes.  He gives a good effort when he blocks and never quits on a player.  Owens understands how to read defenses and is the type of player that loves the big game. 


Needs to Improve

Owens needs to stop getting injured.  He also needs to bulk up.  He will have to learn multiple positions like TE/H-Back and fullback to stick with a team. 


Talent Board Round   6

Owens should be willing to learn more than one position so that he can be of greater value.  He is too small and does not have enough lower body strength to be a TE in the NFL.  He is also not that good of a blocker in space to handle the H/Back position or the fullback position.  In fact, to be honest, I feel that Owen's physical and mental talents translate better at the next level to a position that I do not believe that he has played.  I think he could be a very good LB in the NFL.  He has the talent and is smart enough to learn quickly and it would allow him to use his leadership skills that he canít use at the TE position.  He would have to prove that he is a good tackler and he would have to learn to stop getting hurt, but Owens has the natural abilities to make this an easy move.  I think he would become a core player in the NFL if the team that drafts him moves him to the LB position right away.  As a TE/H-Back, he should be a solid player, but not a guy you go out of your way to keep if he goes out to free agency.  I just donít think that he will ever have the lower body strength to be effective in all the areas that a TE /H-Back/Fullback needs to be.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006