PJ Daniels   RB   Georgia Tech


PJ is a strong RB that shows a good burst through the hole and uses good techniques to turn the corner when he sweeps.  He is a smart player that understands situational football and does not fumble the ball very much.  He is excellent in the red zone because he is strong enough to break tackles, can catch the ball on a swing pass and the screen pass to take the ball to the house.  PJ would fit a zone-blocking scheme like a fruit fly on an orange.  He cuts once and goes up into the hole and sees the field really well; he anticipates the hole opening.  PJ also sees the cut back very well.  He is a solid RB with good potential in the right system to impact for the team that drafts him. 


Needs to Improve

Because PJ doesnít have breakaway speed and is not flashy, he is being downgraded.  He is not that good of a blocker, but most RBís arenít when they come out.  PJ is a solid, smart back, but not a speed back. 


Talent Board Round   4

In another draft, PJ would most likely go in the first day of a draft.  This draft has too many backs that are faster, which is the real reason why PJ is being rated as a second day pick in this draft.  He has plenty of talent, but when you watch him on film and in a game, he really doesnít do anything outstanding to make you think that he is that good of a back.  Then you look at the stats and he has over 100 yds in combined yardage.  He is just a kid that gains yards, doesnít turn the ball over and scores.  PJ will surprise a lot of people when he gets onto a field; if he stays on the field and doesnít get injured, it will be hard for a coach to take him off the field.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006