Ray Edwards   DE   Purdue


Ray is a size-speed ratio kid that has tremendous upside to his game.  He has the athletic talent to be an impact player at the next level.  He is one of the few DEs in this draft that has true DE size for the next level; therefore, a lot of teams are going to want to see this kid's workout and combine numbers.  If those numbers are as good as I think they are, then Ray will be drafted higher than a lot of other DEs in this draft. 


Needs to Improve

Ray needs to get his head out of his hindquarters.  He should have stayed in school another year because he doesn't have a clue what's going to be expected of him mentally or physically at the next level.  He needs to bulk up, learn better moves, get stronger and not be so lazy.  He needs to mature on and off the field.  He needs to learn to be coachable.   


Talent Board Round   2

You remember the episode on Friends where Joey sticks his head inside a turkey to scare the crap out of Chandler?  Joey is smart enough to know how to scare Chandler, but he isn't smart enough to know that his head would get stuck in the turkey and he wouldn't be able to get it off.  Ray is smart enough to know that he has the talent to play in the NFL, but he is not smart enough to know that once he gets to the NFL, he'll get stuck on the bench and ruin his chance to play because he has no heart for the game.  The last four games of the season is when I got a chance to see Rob Ninkovich play in place of Ray.  Purdue got more impact out of the Ray-less DE position than they had all year long.  Ray plays to his competition.  Its as simple as that.  If he does this at the next level he won't have to worry.  Someone will stick him in the oven and just eat the turkey right off his head.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006