Reggie McNeal   QB/WR   Texas A&M


Reggie has one of the strongest arms in this draft.  He is an excellent athlete and shows some leadership skills.  He moves well in the pocket and out of the pocket and can make the big play in the blink of an eye.  When Reggie gets into a zone, he is a pleasure to watch play the game of football and can be one of the most exciting players on the field. 


Needs to Improve

Reggie is an extremely erratic football player.  He lacks consistency in every facet of his game.  He is very fast and has good hands.  In fact, he should be moved now Ė- this minute -- before I finish this profile to the WR position.


Talent Board Round   4

When you watch this kid play, he sends chills down your spin one minute and gives you a great big headache the next.  The first time I saw him, I just watched him and drooled at his potential to be a QB at the next level.  The more I watched him play, the more I realized he has to be moved as quickly as possible to the WR position.  He is way too erratic at the college level and that means there is no way he will be successful at the NFL level.  The QB position is too much for him to handle mentally.  He must be moved right away because with his athletic talent, he should be an outstanding WR.  He will take some time, but he looks like he has the work ethic to do it.  Reggie will impact at the next level faster as a WR and thatís a fact.  Now, before you A & M fans get all over me about how great Reggie is and how I must be as blind as a bat if I canít see how great he is, remember itís about the next level.  It is not how good Reggie is at the college level.  If Reggie stays a QB, you'll never hear about him again.  If he is moved to the WR position, you'll be seeing him in the Pro Bowl.  It is as simple as that.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006