Richard Marshall   CB   Fresno St


Richard is a technical sound corner with good size and speed.  He is very smooth and does a good job tackling.  He has long legs for his size, good overall strength and is smooth in his back pedal and hip flip.  Richard handles zone techniques and its assignments along with man-to-man coverage with equal ease.  There is no doubt of this kid's talent, but what I like the most is his technique work in the different types of coverage.  I like this kid's game a lot.  He has first round techniques and looks on film to be an excellent team player. 


Needs to Improve

The difference in a #1 CB and a #2 CB is speed, quickness and make up speed.  Richard will have to go to the combine and show what he has in all three of these areas.  If he can break the 4.50 range, he will shoot up the charts really quickly.  If he breaks the 4.50 range and doesnít shoot up the charts, then some team is going to get a Pro Bowl CB in the later rounds of the draft. 


Talent Board Round   1

Right now, Richard can walk onto a field and help a team right away in the nickel and dime defense.  His technique is excellent and there is little for him to learn except to get acclimated to the speed at the next level.  Like I said, if Richardís measurements show him to be the reported 5í11Ē 190-lbs and he breaks the 4.50 range, I will be shocked if he doesnít move up very close to the first round.  He is a junior who is coming out early, but I donít think there's anything more that he can do or learn in college, so itís a good move for him to come out now.  One of the members asked me to take a look at this kid and Iím glad he did.  This Fresno St program right now is turning out some of the most complete, fundamentally sound players.  These kids also understand situational football and are team oriented.  The coaching staff and these kids are both doing an excellent job and I think smart drafting teams should start to take notice of this.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006