Rob Sims   OG/OT   Ohio St


Rob is a very complete and athletic offensive lineman.  He can play guard or tackle on either side and shows leadership qualities while making the players around him better.  He is an excellent pulling guard and is a perfect plug-in pick for the Left Guard position at the next level.  He uses his hands very well when pass blocking and is quick out of his stance with very good lateral movement.  He shows quick feet and keeps his balance when run blocking.  He is a smart accomplished lineman with excellent mental toughness and he's sure to be a Pro Bowler in the future.  


Needs to Improve

There are always things to improve as an O-lineman. You never stop learning.  Rob will not stop learning and will be one of the best.


Talent Board Round   1

This kid has 1st round talent and I just bet that one of the playoff teams at the end of the first round are going to pick him because there is way too much talent to leave him to the second round.  This is how a Super Bowl team stays strong and can keep going back to the playoffs for a few years in a row.  They get to pick players with Robís talent because he's not the type of pick that excites the fans and sells tickets.  He is just the type of pick that gets you to and keeps you coming back to the big show.  Rob has top twenty talent in this draft and for that matter, any other draft.  So when your team picks him in the draft, be happy.  Your team just picked a player that will be a fan favorite, a core player and a Pro Bowl-Super Bowl player.

by Drew Boylhart


February 2006