Rodrique Wright   DT   Texas
Rodrique has good size and strength for his position.  He has good lateral movement and can handle a double team and stuff the run. He has a decent burst into the backfield when he rushes the QB. Rodrique has very good potential to be a good 1-gap, 2-gap DT in the NFL.
Needs to Improve

Rodrique just does not have very much intensity on every play.  When he bursts off the line, he drops his head and allows the O-lineman to get into his body.  He doesnít use his hands very well and is not quick enough for the pro game to split the O-lineman and get into the backfield.

Talent Board Round   4

There is something that is lacking in this kidís game. I think it is intensity -- maybe heart.  Iím just not sure what it is, but whatever it is, he is definitely lacking it.  He is rated very high, but I just donít see it.  Maybe itís the scheme, maybe itís the coaching!  He does have very good size and athleticism, but thatís just not going to be enough for the next level.  I donít think it is an injury because I donít see anything in the tapes.  So tell me, how is it that he is rated so high? Rodrique has to have better and more consistent intensity and effort for me to think that he is a 1st round pick.  He has to start playing with some intensity, heart and better technique.  IMO he is a boom or bust player with the lean towards bust.

 by Drew Boylhart


November 2005