Roman Harper   S   Alabama


Roman has good size, strength and athleticism for his position.  He is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He shows excellent instincts, is smart and understands the head game that a safety plays against the QB and OC that he's up against.  Roman has deceiving athletic talent.  Thatís because on film, he is always in the right place at the right time.  When you draft Roman, you'll be drafting a player who is like a coach on the field.  He is a leader and a player that can start for you the day after he is drafted. 


Needs to Improve

Roman must prove that he is more than a two deep zone safety to the scouts; but for me, thatís crap!  He is too good a safety not draft him just because you'd like to have a little more speed at that position. 


Talent Board Round   3

I donít know who coached this kid, but they did a hell of a job.  He is smart and is a good form tackler.  I canít say enough about his play on the field except that the scouts that look at this kid and start to nit pick at his athletic talent as a reason not to draft him are not good scouts.  In this draft, there are a lot of very athletic safeties that can cover and maybe become CBís, but Roman does not have that type of athleticism.  Hereís the catch: donít think that because he doesnít have that type of talent that he will not be an excellent safety for the team that drafts him.  That would be a big mistake!  That would be a mistake as big as waking up on the morning of your wedding day after your bachelor party with the stripper your friends paid for to entertain everyone at the party.  Now, thatís a mistake that would be hard to rebound from and not drafting Roman if you need a safety would also be a mistake that is hard to rebound from.  In past years, a player like Roman would be taken on the first day of the draft; however, Roman might slip to the second day because he is being compared to an unusual group of safeties.  Safeties that can play CB will be a priority in this draft because of their size and ability to handle the bigger WRís in the league.  Donít get me wrong...Roman has cover skills -- just not like some of the safeties in this draft.  I would take this kid on my team any day.  He is fundamentally sound and a leader.  You can bet your defense will improve as soon as he gets on the field.  He is a hell of a player.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006