Ryan Cook   OC/OT   New Mexico



Ryan is very technically sound offensive lineman.  He shows excellent mental toughness and leadership qualities.  He does a very good job defending in the passing game and fires out really well in the running game.  He is quick out of his stance and showed at the combine that not only is he big, he is a hell of an athlete.  Ryan has excellent balance and at the combine, showed the measurables to be used in a pull-trap offensive blocking scheme.  Ryan can play more than one position on the line, which will move his value up in this draft.  He is an excellent O-lineman that can help a team right away. 


Needs to Improve

At the next level, he will probably be moved to RT, but it is nice to know that he could be a walk on center or RT for the team that drafts him. No one talks about Ryan because he plays for New Mexico. 


Talent Board Round   2

If Ryan had played for one of the Big East teams, he would be listed as a first day talent.  He has that type of talent.  He handles the center position mentally as well as Mangold.  Physically, he is so big that when he snaps the ball, his chest is open for a big DT to gain leverage and control him.  This does not happen on the college level because he is just too strong and quick for the competition; however, in the proís, this will be a problem and he will have to be moved to the RT position because of it.  I donít believe this will be a problem for him at all, but you know how these scouts are -- they will use any excuse they can to downgrade a player so that they can pick him in the later rounds for themselves.  Iím sure at the Senior Bowl, all anyone did was stand around and point out every little nit-picking negative this kid has.  They do this to stash a player sometimes and, in my opinion, they are doing it to Ryan.  Ryan is a plug-in RT for the team that drafts him and we will all be seeing him soon in the Pro Bowl.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006