Ryan O’Callaghan   OT   California


Ryan is a big, strong, powerful kid.  He moves his feet very well and every time I've seen him play, he has improved.  He does a good job using his hands and has smooth lateral agility.  He is a very good run blocker and when he's pass blocking, there are none better in this draft on the right side.  He uses excellent leverage, does a really good job bending his knees and is quick enough out of his stance to play a guard position.  As a RT, he has 1st round talent.  Ryan has not reached his full potential and shows leadership skills and makes the players around him better. 


Needs to Improve

Ryan has been playing while trying to recover from shoulder injuries.  This, along with playing for a team on the west coast, is why he is under the radar right now.  He needs to go to the combine and work out and show that he's no longer a medical liability. 


Talent Board Round   2

This kid is as big as an HMO building.  Ryan is another kid that it was hard to get a fix on because of his injuries, but I think that his lateral step is quicker since he's been injured than it was before the injuries.  My guess is that he realizes that he needed to move his feet faster and quicker to protect against re-injuring his shoulders.  There is no doubt in my mind that this kid is a better RT after his injuries than he was before, which just shows me the work ethic that Ryan has to get better and I believe he will continue to get better at the next level.  With all the big name OT’s in this draft that have been a disappointment, Ryan is one hell of a OT that is not a disappointment.  He is huge, strong, quick footed and his techniques improve every time I see him.  I don’t think that he will get out of the first round, but if he does and your team picks him, thank your lucky stars.  If he can stay away from the injuries, then he will be a plug in RT that just might be able (in the future) to handle the left side and definitely will be able to handle either guard position.  I call him Ryan (HMO) O’Callaghan because he is as big as an HMO building and has spent a lot of time in one.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006