Santonio Holmes   WR   Ohio St


Santonio has very good size, strength and speed for his position.  He shows excellent quickness to go along with that speed as well as mental toughness.  He has very good hands and runs strong routes.  Santonio is a team player and it shows on the field.  He is smart and understands situational football. 


Needs to Improve

He needs to put on a little more bulk to take the pounding at the next level and as all young WR's, he will have to refine his route running.  But Iím nit picking. 


Talent Board Round   1

Santonio will impact in his first year.  He can play special teams for you and scare the crap out of the opponent.   He has talent similar to Lee Evans when he came out, but is not as bulky as Lee and he seems to be quicker in and out of his breaks.  Before the beginning of this year, my question about Santonio was his hands.  The QB for Ohio St improved so much this year that Santonio was able to answer all of those questions for me.  Santonio is coming out early, so you expect him to have some difficulty adjusting on and off the field, but he'll be able to impact on special teams as he goes through those adjustments.  He is a very good WR, but he'll have to bulk up to be a #1 WR to keep him on the field, prevent injuries and impact.  Santana Moss had that same problem when he came into the league; however, when he got into better shape and joined a team with strong coaching, he started to impact.  It will be the same for Santonio. 

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006