Sinorice Moss   WR/ST   Miami


Sinorice is quick, fast and shows very good hands.  He will be able to beat the best CBs one-on-one in a few years.  He runs good routes and uses his hands well to fight off the bump and run.  He looks to be a smart kid and understands situational football.  He will help you on special teams right away. 


Needs to Improve

Sinorice is vertically challenged, but for me personally, it is his lack of bulk and overall strength that are concerns for me.  This will affect his draft status much more than his height. 


Talent Board Round   2

When Sinorices brother (Santana Moss) came out, he had a lot more production in college to help form a profile on him than Sinorice has provided.  Those two issues - bulk and lack of production -- make selecting Sinorice in this draft a bigger question mark than his brother was when he was drafted.  He basically has the same talent, but as we all know, Santana struggled with injuries and route running because of his lack of strength and bulk.  Santana was also in the wrong offensive system for his talents.  These types of WRs have to be in a system that I call a vertical offense (VO), which is an offense that has a strong-armed QB, a big O-line and a strong running game.  Not a WCO system and not an offense that uses a lot of crossing routes.  In both the WCO and crossing routes offense (CRO), the defense can bounce these smaller WRs around like ping pong balls in the lottery canister.  Steve Smith and Santana Moss are both successful and both are also on teams that use a VO.  So now we get back to Sinorice and how he fits into all of this.  Its simple -- if you are a VO team, then you rate Sinorice higher than other teams and you draft him high.  If your team drafts him and they use the WCO or CRO, then chances are he will get injured and not be able to help your team out a lot except maybe as a punt returner.  Those VO teams that have a Moss or a Smith already will most likely will take him in the 2nd or 3rd rounds for a safety net.  But remember, we have ten new coaches and that means anything can happen.  New systems are going in all over the place.  For example, the Lions do not have a WR like this kid for their new VO system.  But they do have a lot of WRs that fit a WCO system!  Isnt that interesting?
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006