Skyler Green   WR/ST   LSU


Skyler is a strong WR for his size.  He has good bulk and speed to go along with strong hands.  He runs decent routes for the college level and he has had very good success as a special teams player for his team.  Skyler has been a good player at the college level and has played in some big games in a big program.


Needs to Improve

Skyler is fast, but he's not quick and this will cause him problems at the next level. 


Talent Board Round   4

Skyler has good speed, but I just donít see the quickness that he will need for the next level to be successful and impact like he has at the college level.  Right now, he is just beating other teams with his athletic abilities, but that will not be enough at the next level.  He will have to run routes better and on special teams, he will need to learn how to set up his blocks and the wedge better.  He looks to be a smart kid, but I just think it will take him a few years plus being drafted by the right team into the right system for him to impact down the road.  He is a strong kid and that will help him a lot in not getting bumped off his routes.  Itís tough for kids like this to understand that for the next level, they need to reĖeducate themselves on skills and techniques that for them were not that important because they were so much better than everyone else.  Skyler is a second day pick for me and to be honest, Iím not sure I would be to quick to pick him before the 6th round.  I feel he is a little overrated because of his lack of quickness.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006